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Ethics and compliance

Our work team receives training in ethical codes of conduct; in accordance with our values ​​and those of our partners, the industry codes and the legislation of each country where we carry out our activities.

Compliance with legal and professional standards is of utmost importance to Valentech. We respect the different international, national and local regulations; including decrees applied to orphan drugs; as well as the pharmaceutical legislation of promotion and business behavior and professional ethics.

The recommendations of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) have inspired the internal code of practice between patient organizations and the health industry. As well as the principles derived from these recommendations:

• Anticorruption Practices FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).

• Good Clinical Practices (GCP)

Reporting Policy Violations

Code of ethics

The Valentech Compliance Manual reflects the principle of self-regulation and the other guidelines established by the ANDI Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber Code; our policies and procedures obey ethical standards that exceed those required by legal systems, contributing to the development of a better regional health ecosystem and adequate interaction with the various actors in the health system.

The Valentech Compliance Manual is also in line with the ethical standards required by our partners.

Each employee, collaborator and/or interested party is encouraged to act proactively, ask questions, seek guidance and report alleged violations of the Valentech Compliance Manual, policies and procedures, as well as the various laws applicable to our operation, guaranteeing anonymity in all cases.

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Social responsibility

With our Stakeholders

At Valentech Pharma Colombia we are convinced that maintaining good relations with our stakeholders is of vital importance to achieve the fulfillment of our strategic objectives.

This is why as an organization we have defined, based on the AA1000SES Standard, four principles that define our relationship with our interest groups or stakeholders.

With the Environment

At Valentech Pharma Colombia we are convinced of the importance of caring for the environment. This is why our corporate policies and guidelines are always designed with the least possible impact in environmental terms in mind, thus reducing the externalities of human activity. We believe that the environment is everyone’s commitment, so we try to operate and contract with people who operate under the highest and most demanding standards of environmental protection.

Sustainable Development

In front of our officials, the environment and society in general. Valentech believes in the development and implementation of business models that promote sustainable development.

Response Capabilities

Faced with the needs of the market, patients and, in general, those interest groups that may interact with our organization in the development and execution of our corporate purpose.


With respect to the improvement in the provision of our services and products.